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Award Nomination

I was nominated for the Awesome Blogger Award! Thank you, DW @ Youya Girl, for nominating me! I will answer the questions to the best of my ability. I really love the questions she has asked me! I hope you will find my answers interesting. + RulesThank the person who nominated you. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.Answer the questions you were asked.Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.Give them ten new questions to answerLets get into DW's questions!
What is your earliest memory?
My earliest memory is a pretty terrifying one. It sparked my childhood fear of clowns. My parents told me I was only a few months old when it happened. We had gone to a birthday party for one of my dad's friend's kids at a buffet place. There was a clown and he got in my face. He popped a balloon and a rabbit came out of it. I was purely terrified. Before you ask, no, I am not afraid of clowns anymore. What is your favorite type of blog posts?
My favorite kind of…

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